Signs a Woman May Need Breast Augmentation Revision

Modern breast implants are designed and manufactured to be incredibly strong and durable. However, like any other medical device, they may need to be replaced at some point. The procedure to replace one or both breast implants is known as breast augmentation revision or simply breast revision surgery. Here, Dr. Lloyd Landsman, respected Long Island breast surgeon, reveals some of the signs that a woman may need breast augmentation revision.... Read More

Why Celebrities Like Christie Brinkley Love Xeomin

Nobody is immune to the effects of aging — not even the world’s most beautiful women. When supermodel, actress and author Christie Brinkley notices frown lines, she opts for a quick and non-invasive treatment called Xeomin. This cosmetic injectable softens lines and restores a youthful, vibrant appearance without making it look as though patients have had any work done. “When I look in the mirror, I want to feel like... Read More