Breast Revision Options

Not every breast enhancement surgery pleases a patient. Life changes may also dictate that breast revision surgery is in order. Top board-certified Long Island plastic surgeon Dr. Lloyd Landsman discusses the various types of breast revision surgeries and why they are done.

Implant Issues

Breast implants are not designed to last a lifetime. Indeed, most of them will require replacement within 10 years. An implant might deflate, so a woman suddenly looks at her chest and wonders, “What happened to my breast?” The implants can also rupture, and both of these situations need immediate attention because the chest appears disfigured.

Some older women who had implants years ago may have them removed due to age-related bodily changes, or just differences in lifestyle. Some of these women opt for a breast lift, performed at the same time as the implant removal procedure.

Going Larger

Women undergoing a revision due to deflation or rupture often want larger new implants, but that is also the reason many decide to undergo revision overall. Many women decide they want bigger implants, and breast revision surgery is necessary.

Some women undergoing their initial breast augmentation surgery do not want their new breasts to look too large, but after living with them for a while, determine that bigger is better.

Implant Type Replacement

Women with saline implants may want to replace them with the softer, more natural-looking silicone version. Saline implants have a tendency to ripple, which is not true of silicone. Silicone implants feel more like natural breasts.


Sometimes, the results of the prior surgery are just not what the woman wanted. Another surgeon may not have placed the implants in the best position or the breasts may be uneven. Or, a double bubble might form, which means that the implant drops below the natural crease where the chest and breast meet. It can make one breast look more like two.

Bottoming out is another frequent problem. This occurs when the implant is placed too low, resulting in the nipple tipping upwards.

There is no question a breast revision is needed to correct these problems.

Breast Revision Considerations

Additional surgeries are a bit more difficult than the primary procedure, since scar tissue is involved. An experienced board-certified plastic surgeon will explain the best options for the individual patient and her specific issues.

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