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After having breast augmentation, some women may choose to remove and replace their breast implants out of either new preferences or necessity. Long Island plastic surgeon Dr. Lloyd Landsman helps patients like these by performing breast revision surgery. Utilizing advanced surgical techniques, he ensures that his patients’ breasts have an appealing shape and size for the best appearance and proportion they have ever had.

Breast Revision Surgery Candidates

Breast Revision SmithtownPatients seek breast revision from Dr. Landsman for a variety of reasons, which may include:

  • New size preference: Tastes can change with age. If a woman decides that bigger or smaller implants will better reflect her current lifestyle, this is easily accommodated.
  • Rippling: Sometimes implants can develop rippling or wrinkling that may be visible through the skin. Replacing the implant restores a smoother, natural shape to the breast.
  • Capsular contracture: If scar tissue around the breast implant hardens and squeezes the implant, the breast can look misshapen and feel uncomfortable. This is a rare complication called capsular contracture. Dr. Landsman can remove the fibrous tissue causing this problem and replace the implant.
  • Ruptured implant: When an implant breaks or leaks (which is rare), it is important to replace it to avoid adverse cosmetic and health complications.
  • Weight fluctuation: A patient who has either gained or lost a significant amount of weight may want to exchange her current implants for some that are more proportional to her new frame.

Breast Revision Procedure Details

During a consultation, Dr. Landsman devises a surgical plan to best address the patient’s goals for breast revision. In most respects, breast revision is like the original breast augmentation surgery. When possible, Dr. Landsman places his incisions in the same spots as the previous surgery to avoid creating new areas with scarring. The pocket inside the breast that holds the implant may need to be resized to accommodate the size of the new implant. The patient is kept comfortable for the entire surgery with general anesthesia.

Breast Revision Recovery

Breast Revision Surgery Smithtown

Patients can expect a similar timeline to their original breast augmentation recovery, though discomfort may be less significant since the implant pocket already exists. Most take one to two weeks off from work to focus on resting and relaxation. Though strenuous exercise should be avoided in the first month or two to avoid jostling the healing breasts, walking is a good way to keep the blood circulating for reduced swelling. Wearing a compression garment further accelerates the recovery.

Breast Revision Costs

The cost of breast revision depends on the techniques Dr. Landsman utilizes to achieve the patient’s goals. During a consultation, he can provide a complete quote. Although most breast revision procedures are considered cosmetic in nature, some that are deemed “medically necessary” may be covered in part by health insurance. Dr. Landsman accepts financing through a variety of medical lenders.

Speak to Dr. Landsman About Breast Revision

Whatever your reasons for wanting to improve your breast augmentation results, Dr. Landsman is available to help. To learn more about breast revision surgery from a top NYC plastic surgeon, please schedule a consultation at Landsman Plastic Surgery by calling (631) 864-4111 today.