The Difference Between Breast Implants and Breast Augmentation

Those who want to improve their breast appearance may have heard the terms "breast implant" and "breast augmentation." You may wonder what are these terms and what are the benefits? This article will explore each procedure's differences and pros and cons. Exploring Breast Implants Breast implants have gained significant attention as a way to improve appearance. With vast information available, understanding what they are and how they work can be... Read More

Can I Lose Weight Without Changing My Breast Size?

Many women who commit to a weight-loss journey share a common concern: will their breasts get smaller? This apprehension is understandable since women who diet and exercise are generally hoping to lose fat from their abdomen, thighs, and chin before their breasts. Alas, fat is fat, which includes breast fat. Most women who see success on the scale will notice that their cup size decreases simultaneously. Dr. Lloyd Landsman, an... Read More

Will My Breasts Look Different After Removing My Implants?

Women opt for breast implant removal for many reasons — all of them personal. Since implants do not last forever, this decision often coincides with the time of implant replacement. Perhaps you are thinking about breast implant removal but worry about what your natural breasts will look like afterward. They are unlikely to look the way they did prior to augmentation. If you have larger implants and relatively little natural... Read More

Breast Implant Options: Choosing a Style for Optimal Results

Women undergoing breast augmentation want beautiful, natural-looking results. Today’s breast implant options go beyond saline versus silicone. Dr. Lloyd Landsman discusses various types of breast implant options, their pros and cons and how to choose the style that is right for you. (more…)

Why Some Women Prefer Breast Fat Transfer over Implants

Some women who have a smaller, less pronounced bust thanks to genetics wish for a curvier breast profile. The most effective cosmetic procedure to enhance the breasts is breast augmentation. While breast augmentation is often synonymous with breast implants, some women forego implants in favor of using their own natural tissue. (more…)

What Women May Not Realize About Breast Augmentation

Women are inundated with images of breast augmentation results, and you have likely visualized your enhanced breasts many times as you learn more about the procedure. You are probably aware of some of your options, such as silicone or saline implants, but there are many more aspects to consider. Our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Lloyd Landsman, will discuss your breast augmentation options and possible results during your consultation at our... Read More

Can Breast Implants Improve Breast Sag?

Almost every woman struggles with breast sag (ptosis) at one point or another in her lifetime. Over time, the collagen and elastin in the body break down, causing the skin to loosen, which in turn causes the breasts to droop and sag. Long Island plastic surgeon Dr. Lloyd Landsman occasionally meets with women who believe placing breast implants can help improve breast sag. However, this is not always the case.... Read More

Breast Augmentation Just in Time for Summer: When to Have Surgery

Breast augmentation is a popular cosmetic procedure year round, but Dr. Lloyd Landsman often sees an increase in requests during the first half of the year. This is no coincidence as many women wish to have bigger, fuller breasts in time for bikini season. Read on as Dr. Lloyd Landsman explains when to plan surgery if you wish to be ready in time for summer. (more…)

What to Bring to Your Breast Augmentation Consultation

The first step on your breast augmentation journey is a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon. During this appointment, you will meet with the surgeon and learn more about his or her approach to the procedure. To make the most of the appointment, make sure you’re properly prepared. Below, Dr. Lloyd Landsman shares a list of items to bring to your breast augmentation consultation. (more…)

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