Is Surgery Necessary To Reduce the Size of My Breasts?

Although breast augmentation surgery is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures, many women seek the opposite solution. Their overly large breasts may cause back pain and other physical problems. They may have trouble finding well-fitting clothing, and large breasts may interfere with athletic activities. Some of these women may seek alternatives to breast reduction surgery. Although some options exist, these options do not provide results comparable to what... Read More

More Women Choosing Breast Reduction — Here’s Why

Many women who come to Dr. Lloyd D. Landsman for a breast reduction start off their consultation by saying, “I wouldn’t ordinarily consider plastic surgery, but…”  While there are many valid reasons to pursue plastic surgery, it is true that appearance is often low on the list of motivations shared by breast reduction patients. Just as often, patients are looking to relieve ongoing pain, discomfort and sinsecurities. Here, Dr. Landsman... Read More