Common Complaints Patients Have About Their Noses

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Rhinoplasty exists primarily because patients are not happy with the appearance of their noses. While some patients undergo rhinoplasty to ease breathing difficulties and others need reconstructive surgery after accidents, most people long to correct issues they have with their nose. Renowned Long Island plastic surgeon Dr. Lloyd Landsman discusses common complaints patients have about their noses.

1. Too Large

Probably the most common reason for seeking rhinoplasty is the patient’s perception that their nose is too large. Fortunately, there are various techniques available that can reduce the size of the nose. The best choice for each patient depends on their unique nasal structure.  

2. Too Wide

A disproportionately wide nose alters facial shape. Most often, an osteotomy is performed to narrow the nasal bridge. In this operation, small fractures are made in the nasal bones. The surgeon then reshapes the nose by moving the fractured pieces closer together. After healing, the patient’s nose is narrower.

3. Large Nostrils

Patients whose nostrils are too large in proportion to the size of their nose may undergo a nostril reduction procedure. This involves making small incisions within the base of the nose, then adjusting nostril size and width with tissue removal. With this minimally invasive procedure, scarring is barely visible.

4. Unwanted Bumps

Some patients have had to deal with unwanted bumps on the nose since childhood. Others develop such a bump after physical trauma to the face. Treatment depends on the cause of the bump. For bumps resulting from too much cartilage, shaving down the excess may remove the protrusion.

5. Crooked Nose

Nose crookedness is another common complaint for patients. Straightening a crooked nose is somewhat more difficult than other rhinoplasty surgeries. That is because most people do not have perfectly symmetric faces. Creating a symmetric nose on an asymmetric face can cause aesthetic issues. Fixing a crooked nose may involve controlled bone fracture, cartilage repositioning and other techniques. However, the benefits should outweigh any disadvantages when the proper technique is used.

Liquid Rhinoplasties

Not all rhinoplasty involves surgery. Some common complaints patients have regarding their noses are resolvable with liquid rhinoplasty. In this procedure, a filler product is injected into the nose to change its shape. (Many fillers are formulated with a naturally occurring substance called hyaluronic acid.) Liquid rhinoplasty is especially useful for adding volume to the tip of the nose.

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