How Long Do Results with Breast Lift Last?

Breast lift is a popular cosmetic procedure among women who are unhappy with saggy, deflated or shapeless breasts due to pregnancy, nursing, aging and/or weight loss. When performed by a board certified and experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Lloyd Landsman, breast lift can produce a youthful and perkier breast appearance that lasts for many years. That being said, patients should understand that the longevity of the results varies from patient to patient. Factors such as genetics, gravity and the natural aging process will cause the breasts to age as normal after breast lift.

Fortunately, there are several ways women can minimize sag and prolong their breast lift results. Here, Dr. Landsman shares four simple ways to keep the breasts perky and youthful for years to come following breast lift.

Practice Proper Sun Protection

Overexposure to the sun’s UV rays not only leads to noticeable wrinkles, but also damages the collagen in the breast skin, causing the breasts to sag. You can protect the health and beauty of your breasts by wearing protective clothing whenever possible and regularly applying sunscreen with 30 SPF or higher before stepping outside. Reapply every two hours or as directed by the instruction label on your sunscreen bottle. UV exposure from tanning beds is just as harmful and therefore should be avoided.

Do Not Smoke

Smoking is a surefire way to speed up the aging process. Not only does it break down the skin’s collagen, it limits the oxygen supply and nutrients needed to keep the skin looking healthy and young. The effects of smoking on the breasts become apparent over time: wrinkles, a crepe-like texture and a saggy overall appearance.

Avoid Weight Fluctuations

Weight fluctuations, especially those that occur over a short period of time, are never recommended after any plastic surgery procedure. In the case of breast lift, substantial weight gain and loss loosens the breast tissue, leading to breast sag.

Weight fluctuations as a result of pregnancy and breastfeeding can sabotage the results of breast lift. For this reason, Dr. Landsman recommends women wait to undergo breast lift until after they are done having children and breastfeeding.

Wear Proper Support

Wearing well-fitting bras with the proper support keeps the breasts in place and minimizes the chances of premature breast sag. Following breast lift, invest in well-fitting bras, including sports bras that will prevent the breasts from bouncing during high-impact exercise.

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