How Natural Will My Tummy Tuck Look?

Abdominoplasty, better known to most as tummy tuck surgery, is an effective surgery for contouring the stomach region by removing sagging skin and some extra pounds that you have been unable to drop with diet and exercise. That in itself usually sounds pretty appealing, but Dr. Lloyd Landsman meets with many patients who are concerned with how “natural” the procedure will look after the fact.

His honest assessment of what to expect visually following tummy tuck is as follows:

The Skin

There is an art to tummy tuck because simply removing excess skin and fat will not look good. For an aesthetically-pleasing look, your doctor must tighten up the area to achieve the kind of contour that appears on natural bodies, resting well against your ribs.

Part of that art is dictated by the gender of the patient. Dr. Landsman creates a softer shape for women so that it looks more natural, while giving a more masculine tightness for male tummy tuck patients.

The Scar

The dead giveaway that tummy tuck has been performed is the scar. That is easily the least natural-looking aspect, and unfortunately there is no avoiding having a scar with a surgery of this type.

The good news is that Dr. Landsman strategically positions his incision low enough that most underwear or bikini bottoms will cover up the resulting scar. For that reason, unless you are fully naked, you should be able to conceal the most obvious sign of tummy tuck.

The Belly Button

The other main factor you should take into consideration ahead of tummy tuck surgery is your navel. Sometimes surgeons fail to take into consideration the inevitable changes that occur to your belly button during abdominoplasty, and therefore the result does not look right. Be wary of any surgeon that does not bring up a plan for adjusting the belly button during the consultation.

Dr. Landsman is very conscious of leaving his patients with a natural-looking navel. His technique is to add an incision around the belly button so that he can raise it to a position that looks normal, and potentially reshape it somewhat so that it better matches the new contours of your body.

Tummy Tuck Looks Most Natural When Performed by a Skilled Plastic Surgeon

This advice probably seems overly obvious, but you may be surprised at how many tummy tuck patients look for the cheapest option available and then wind up dissatisfied with the results. Look for doctors with years of experience performing this exact surgery, and ask to see several before-and-after photos to verify that the results are both attractive and natural-looking.

Dr. Landsman has the certification, education, impressive procedure photos and fabulous reviews that enable you to put your trust into him for an excellent and natural-looking tummy  tuck. To have Dr. Landsman look at your belly and provide an honest assessment of the changes he can achieve with tummy tuck, schedule a consultation at his Long Island office by calling (631) 864-4111.