What to Bring to Your Breast Augmentation Consultation

The first step on your breast augmentation journey is a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon. During this appointment, you will meet with the surgeon and learn more about his or her approach to the procedure.

To make the most of the appointment, make sure you’re properly prepared. Below, Dr. Lloyd Landsman shares a list of items to bring to your breast augmentation consultation.

Several Bras or Bathing Suit Tops

It is beneficial to bring a few bras or bathing suit tops that you can use as you try on the implant sizers. You may also want to bring some blouses or tank tops to help you visualize how your breasts will look after surgery with different size implants.

Photographs of Your Ideal Breasts

Photographs of what you want your breasts to look like after surgery are very helpful to communicate your goals and expectations to your surgeon. You may select a few photographs from your surgeon’s before-and-after gallery, or a picture of a friend that has breast implants. You could even bring a photograph of a celebrity whose breasts you find attractive.

A List of Questions for the Plastic Surgeon

The pre-operative consultation is an excellent time to ask your plastic surgeon the questions you have about breast augmentation. Prepare a list of questions ahead of time so you don’t forget any in the moment.

A List of Your Current Medications, Vitamins and Supplements

When evaluating you for surgery, your plastic surgeon will take into account your medical history, current health and the medications, vitamins and supplements you take. It’s helpful to bring a complete list of medications, vitamins and supplements as well as your current dosages.

A Loved One (Optional)

If you feel like you need some support during your consultation, it’s perfectly acceptable to bring a significant other, family member or friend to the appointment. Your loved one may remind you of questions or concerns you want to bring up, or retain some of the information provided by your surgeon. They can also weigh in as you pick the size of your implants.

Book a Breast Augmentation Consultation with Dr. Landsman

To book a breast augmentation consultation with Dr. Landsman, please call 631-864-4111 or email our office today. When you call to schedule your consultation, ask the receptionist about any additional items to bring to the appointment.

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