What To Know Before Getting Tummy Tuck

As people age and their bodies undergo changes, including childbirth and weight fluctuations, stubborn fat and excess skin can accumulate in the abdomen area.

While following a healthy diet and exercising can help people reclaim a flat, smooth stomach, these measures are not always enough to achieve the look people want. In this case, a tummy tuck may be an option.

Tummy tuck, also known as an abdominoplasty, is a popular surgical procedure that gives patients a smoother, tighter stomach and a sculpted waistline.

There is a lot to consider before getting a tummy tuck, however. Below Lloyd D. Landsman, MD, discusses what you need to know.

You Should Be at a Stable Weight

A tummy tuck is an effective means of improving body contours, but it is not a substitute for weight loss.

To qualify as a candidate for tummy tuck, a person should be within 10 to 15 pounds of their ideal weight at least six months to a year before getting the procedure.

This is important because significant weight fluctuations, in either direction, after having a tummy tuck can undo results.

You Will Have a Scar

As with any surgical procedure, tummy tuck leaves patients with a scar where the incision is made, stretching horizontally from hip to hip.

But an experienced plastic surgeon will ensure the scar is concealable underneath clothing, including underwear and swimsuit bottoms, and the scar will fade with time.

You Will Need Time to Recover

A tummy tuck involves a significant recovery period, and results may not be immediately obvious.

Post-surgery, patients can expect to have surgical drains placed for the first one to two weeks to reduce swelling and ensure proper healing.

Patients should also expect bruising, stiffness, redness and numbness in the affected area, lasting between four and six weeks. Swelling may last up to several months.

Patients should avoid strenuous activity, including heavy lifting and vigorous exercise, as well as alcohol and nicotine for at least six weeks. It may take up to several months before patients feel like themselves again.

How to Schedule a Tummy Tuck Consultation

To learn more about tummy tuck and whether this procedure is right for you, call or email experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon Lloyd D. Landsman, MD.