What Women May Not Realize About Breast Augmentation

Women are inundated with images of breast augmentation results, and you have likely visualized your enhanced breasts many times as you learn more about the procedure. You are probably aware of some of your options, such as silicone or saline implants, but there are many more aspects to consider. Our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Lloyd Landsman, will discuss your breast augmentation options and possible results during your consultation at our Smithtown office.

For a limited time, Dr. Landsman is offering set pricing for breast augmentation at $7,499. That includes surgical fees, “gummy bear” breast implants and all pre- and post-surgical care and follow-up. You must pay in full by March 31, 2022, to qualify.

Breast Augmentation Focuses on Balancing Your Figure

Breast augmentation with breast implants focuses on providing a natural appearance that compliments your overall body shape. In the past, women often sought a significant increase in breast size, but in recent years most have preferred a more subtle, natural look. Enhancing the breasts too much can lead to uncomfortable symptoms such as back or neck pain, bra strap indentions and skin chafing due to the extra weight. Your anatomy may limit how many cup sizes you can go up with breast surgery as well.

Breast Implants Are Often Replaced Every 10 Years

Manufacturers who make breast implants often provide a warranty that includes new implants and covers the expenses for part or all of the revision surgery. These policies often address implant deflation and other complications, but they expire after 10 years. For that reason, many women choose to replace their breast implants around the 10-year mark or sooner if they experience implant changes.

You Have Many Choices for Implant Type, Fill and Texture

You probably know that saline and silicone breast implants are the available choices, but did you know implants come in various shapes and textures? Some silicone implants come pre-filled to your desired size, while others include partitions that offer a more form-stable profile, with internal sections containing highly cohesive silicone gel (gummy bear implants). Saline breast implants are empty silicone shells filled with salt water (saline) after they are surgically placed in the breasts.

There are round and tear-drop-shaped breast implants that offer unique advantages. Round breast implants have a smooth surface, while shaped implants are textured to ensure they stay in the optimal position inside the breasts. Dr. Landsman offers Allergan and Sientra breast implants. The Sientra product line includes OPUS implants, fifth-generation round implants that come with the most comprehensive protection and warranty in the industry.

Your Breast Augmentation with Dr. Landsman in Smithtown

Our plastic surgeon will discuss your various implant options, including the benefits of round vs. shaped, saline vs. silicone and the best placement and incision sites for you. Many of our patients prefer round implants because they provide more projection and volume in the upper pole of the breast.

Dr. Landsman uses innovative techniques and leading-edge technology to provide rapid recovery breast augmentation. This procedure uses specific incision sites and implant placement to minimize the trauma to the breast tissue for a gentler approach and less recovery time without risking patient safety.

Schedule your breast augmentation consultation with our top plastic surgeon in Long Island today to discuss your options. Call (631) 864-4111 or email our Smithtown office to book your appointment with Dr. Landsman.