When Is the Best Time for Breast Lift?

Breast Lift New York City, NY

It’s easy for a woman to take her breasts for granted in her youth. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Lloyd Landsman meets with many women who never gave much thought to cosmetic surgery until their breasts experienced significant sagging as they aged. To educate women interested in improving the appearance of their breasts, Dr. Landsman shares some of the points in life when it makes the most sense to pursue breast lift surgery.

After Childbirth and Nursing

While most women are prepared for their breasts to enlarge during pregnancy, not as many think of what happens to the breasts after lactation is complete. Usually, after the breasts have dried out of milk, they look deflated and sag lower on the chest. This droopiness can be corrected with breast lift, which is why so many women have this procedure performed after having a child — ideally their last child so the breasts do not sag again after a subsequent pregnancy. 

During Menopause

The amount of estrogen a woman’s body produces takes a serious dive around the time menopause arrives. Because this hormone plays a crucial role in keeping skin plump and firm, the breast skin is susceptible to becoming thinner and laxer. This results in sagging breasts, where more of the density of the breast drops beneath the nipple. Breast lift effectively counteracts this drop in estrogen and skin elasticity by elevating the position of the breast tissue, which is why this procedure is popular with women after the age of 50.

When the Nipples Lose Their Outward Projection

Younger breasts usually feature nipples that poke outward, but over time factors like aging, genetics and gravity can cause them to start pointing downward instead. Another common time for women to seek breast lift is when the nipples no longer have their perky projection. Thankfully, in addition to repositioning the breast tissue, this surgery can alter the projection of the nipples to maximize the rejuvenating effects on the breasts.

Anytime a Woman Feels Ready

Some prospective patients come to Dr. Landsman hoping to learn the “perfect” time for breast lift, but no such time exists. Breast lift is an elective surgery intended to boost the appeal of the breasts, as well as the patient’s confidence. With that in mind, any point at which a woman wants to experience those advantages is a good time for her to seek this procedure.

Women do not need to worry about having breast lift too early, because the procedure can be repeated in the future as necessary or desired. Even the best breast lift results are eventually undone (generally after 10 to 15 years) due to aging, but women who remain good candidates for plastic surgery can undergo breast lift again to restore youthful breasts. 

Meet with Dr. Landsman

If you still aren’t sure whether it’s the right time to have breast lift surgery, come have a conversation with one of NYC’s best breast specialists. Dr. Landsman is happy to examine your breasts and discuss the procedure in detail so that you can make an informed decision that feels right for you. Please email or call (631) 864-4111.