Why Our Patients Love Fat Transfer

At his Long Island plastic surgery practice, Dr. Lloyd D. Landsman notices excitement in his patients when they learn that fat transfer is an option to address their cosmetic concerns. This remarkably safe fat harvesting procedure can help you achieve a larger butt, fuller facial cheeks and/or augmented breasts. Here are some of the top reasons why you may consider fat transfer to be an extraordinary option:

It Seems More Natural

There is something inherently more natural about using your own fat to augment your body rather than with a foreign object. Although the fat may have been repositioned, it was a part of you before surgery and remains so afterward. When the harvested tissue is 100 percent you, you may find it psychologically easier to accept as a real part of you.   

It Gets Rid of Unwanted Fat, Too

There are not many things in life that you can truly consider “win-win,” but the process of taking fat from a part of the body where you do not want fat and moving it to another area is a victory on multiple fronts. In other words, if you are unhappy with the stubborn fat pockets that stick to your belly or thighs, Dr. Landsman can use liposuction to fix that area before transferring some of it. A consummate professional, Dr. Landsman can be counted on to make sure the part treated with liposuction looks just as great as the location the fat is later inserted.

It Is Highly Successful

When your fat is transplanted to another location, your body recognizes its own cells and readily accepts it. Your body should not reject its own fat, and the chances of infection are insignificant given that it came from your own body. Moving forward, these cells will engage like normal fat cells and can expand or shrink along with your overall weight.   

Real Fat Is Easily Contoured

While an implant comes in a specific shape and size, when Dr. Landsman molds fat, he has more artistic freedom to create pleasant-looking contours that better correspond with your wishes. On the whole, you are more likely to be happy with your attractive contours created from your own fat.

Fat Doesn’t Fall out of Position

Although implants — be they in the face, breast or butt — are highly safe, there is a non-zero risk that they can rupture or shift out of place. Fat is not prone to those risks, and will stay precisely where you put it. So long as you maintain a steady weight after the surgery, you can expect the fat to keep the contours created by Dr. Landsman forever.

Curious What Fat Transfer Can Do for You?

Dr. Landsman is a board certified plastic surgeon who has achieved excellent fat transfer results for his patients throughout his accomplished career. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Landsman, please call (631) 864-4111.