Why Some Women Prefer Breast Fat Transfer over Implants

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Long Island, NY

Some women who have a smaller, less pronounced bust thanks to genetics wish for a curvier breast profile. The most effective cosmetic procedure to enhance the breasts is breast augmentation. While breast augmentation is often synonymous with breast implants, some women forego implants in favor of using their own natural tissue.

What is a Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

Fat transfer is a surgery that harvests tissue from one part of the body where fat is in surplus, purifies the fat and then reinserts the fat into a separate part of the body. While this procedure is popular with patients who wish to augment their buttocks or add volume to their face, renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Lloyd Landsman is known for using fat transfer to augment the breasts. Here, he shares why some of his patients prefer this method.

They Do Not Want Implants in Their Body

The body recognizes breast implants as foreign objects. Some women, even if they do not begrudge other women for having breast implants, feel like it is somehow “cheating” to enhance their breasts with a synthetic device. Others are apprehensive of being able to feel the presence of a foreign object(even though most women with implants report that their breasts feel normal after some time). Additionally, while breast implants are very safe overall, the minor risk of complications like capsular contracture, a ruptured implant or, most rarely, BIA-ALCL that may accompany breast implants is enough to dissuade some women.

Fat Transfer Looks More Natural, Too

While expert plastic surgeons pride themselves on achieving natural-looking results with breast augmentation, some people with sharp eyes may be able to spot breast implants. Breasts with implants can sometimes seem just a little too round, too high, too immobile or too disproportionate. After fat transfer, the body recognizes its own fat cells, so the transferred fat functions like any normal tissue. Moreover, it looks and moves more naturally because it is actual fat.  

It Gets Rid of Excess Fat Elsewhere

For many women, having the excuse to eliminate fat deposits in another area of the body is too exciting to ignore. If diet and exercise have not managed to get rid of belly or thigh fat, then liposuction can improve the contours in these areas, with the fat being “recycled” to the breasts instead. Breast fat transfer is essentially two cosmetic procedures in one — a bargain in the eyes of many.

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