Breast Reconstruction in Suffolk County, Long Island – Also Offering Breast Reduction and More

Hundreds of patients have come to Dr. Lloyd Landsman to undergo complex breast procedures, such as breast reconstruction, at his Suffolk County, Long Island practice. Patients needs breast reduction or reoperative breast surgery also trust Dr. Landsman for his expertise and proven record of successful results.

Breast Reduction

For women who suffer from the pain, discomfort, and inconvenience of over development of the breast, reduction may be a satisfying procedure. With the evolution of short scar techniques, breast reduction can now be performed with significantly less scarring. The breast reduction procedure allows the many women who come to Dr. Landsman's Suffolk County, Long Island practice to enjoy a more active lifestyle and greater variety in fashion. In selected cases, breast reduction using LipoSelection® by Vaser® may be performed in conjunction with a breast lift to give the patients better-proportioned, more youthful appearing breasts. Still, other patients may choose to reduce the size of their breasts with liposuction alone, avoiding the breast lift procedure.

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Breast Reconstruction

Dr. Landsman has proven expertise in all aspects of breast reconstruction and breast enhancement. Post-mastectomy breast reconstruction surgery may be performed at the time of mastectomy or may be done at a later date. Autologous breast reconstruction, utilizing TRAM flaps and latissimus flaps, is commonly performed. Tissue expanders, in combination with implants, are also available for use in breast reconstruction. Patients who have defects or asymmetry resulting from a lumpectomy procedure may choose from an array of breast reconstruction procedures available at our Suffolk County, Long Island practice.

Unusual congenital breast anomalies including significant asymmetry and all varieties of tubular breast deformities are handled with expertise. A combination of breast reconstruction procedures using implants and shaping procedures is used to correct these common conditions. To learn more about breast reconstruction, please contact our office in Suffolk County, Long Island, today.

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Reoperative Breast Surgery

Patients unhappy with the results of their breast augmentation surgery often seek reoperative breast surgery. This may be due to asymmetry, improper position of their implants, use of too large or too small an implant or the desire to convert from old silicone gel or saline implants to the newest memory gel implants. Patients may want to change from a larger look to a smaller look. These situations call for unusual levels of expertise found in only the most skilled and experienced surgeons. Dr. Landsman is known for his expertise in all aspects of reoperative breast surgery.

While the majority of post-mastectomy breast reconstruction surgeries allow the patient to regain senses of femininity and normalcy, some women may ultimately become disappointed with the results. There are a number of reasons women may not be completely satisfied with the results of their reconstructed breasts. Some women may experience complications from their original reconstruction. Other woman may find that the aesthetics of their once-satisfying results have diminished. Still others may want to have their implants removed and their breasts reconstructed with tissues from their own bodies.

Reoperative breast surgery is among the most complex and demanding area of reconstructive breast surgery. Dr. Landsman has mastered the particular challenges of these intricate procedures and has helped countless women regain their sense of wholeness in the process. To learn more about reoperative breast surgery, please contact our office today and schedule a private consultation with Dr. Landsman.

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Learn More about Surgical Breast Procedures

Dr. Lloyd Landsman possesses the experience and training needed to provide a wide spectrum of breast procedures. Women who have undergone mastectomy trust Dr. Landsman to perform successful breast reconstruction. He is also trusted by patients from all over Suffolk County, Long Island and beyond for breast reduction, reoperative breast surgery, and other breast procedures, including breast augmentation, breast augmentation with silicone gel implants, and breast lift surgery. Please contact our practice today to learn more about these procedures.

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Find out more about breast reconstruction by contacting our Suffolk County, Long Island practice today. You can also learn more about breast reduction and other surgeries.


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