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Breast Lift Surgery (Mastopexy) in Smithtown, Long Island

Cosmetic Surgery for Perkier, Youthful Breasts in Suffolk county

As an experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Lloyd Landsman has seen the life-changing effects breast lift surgery can have on women. Physically, the procedure restores an attractive breast shape and youthful appearance while psychologically, it can dramatically boost a woman’s self-confidence.

If you are bothered by the appearance of deflated or sagging breasts, Dr. Landsman can help. With over 25 years of experience, the board certified plastic surgeon is the trusted choice for women in Suffolk and Nassau Counties. He combines his extensive surgical training and experience with an artistic eye to produce breast lift results that are both beautiful and natural-looking.

What Breast Lift Accomplishes

Breast lift addresses aesthetic breast-related issues stemming from genetics, pregnancy, weight fluctuations or the natural aging process. These concerns include the following:

  • Sagging or deflated breasts due to excess, loose skin
  • Shapeless breasts
  • Asymmetrical breasts
  • Stretched out, enlarged areolas
  • Downward-pointing nipples that hang below the natural crease line

Because no two breast lift patients are the same, Dr. Landsman approaches each case meticulously. During your initial consultation, the trusted surgeon will conduct a full breast examination, paying close attention to the skin’s elasticity. He will also ask you to describe your aesthetic concerns and desired outcome. Depending on your preferences, he may recommend placing breast implants (either saline or silicone gel) during your lift procedure to create fuller breasts with more projection, superior fullness and more cleavage. In any case, you can trust that Dr. Landsman will design a treatment plan with your wants and needs in mind.

Mastopexy Suffolk County


This surgery is most popular for women who have lost a significant amount of weight, been pregnant and reached menopause — all of which are factors that accelerate breast sagging. Non-smokers who are in good enough health to undergo an elective cosmetic breast procedure are generally strong candidates for the procedure. It is similarly important that women set realistic expectations about what is possible with breast lift surgery; Dr. Landsman ensures that those expectations are reasonable during a consultation.

Breast Lift Procedure Details

To perform breast lift, Dr. Landsman will use one of three incision types, predetermined by you and the surgeon before your surgery:

  • Donut-shaped incision. This incision is created around the outer perimeter of the areola. This is commonly used for women who have little breast tissue and do not need an extensive degree of lift. It is also used to shape the breast in cases with tubular breast deformity.
  • Lollipop-shaped incision. This incision is made around the outer border of the areola and vertically down the front of the breast.
  • Anchor-shaped incision. Also known as a keyhole incision, this incision is created around the areola and extends vertically down the breast and horizontally underneath the natural breast crease. This is best for women who need an extensive amount of lift, removal of excess skin and nipple relocation.

Breast lift is performed as an outpatient procedure, under general anesthesia. During the procedure, Dr. Landsman will remove excess, loose skin and tighten the remaining skin before positioning the breast mound higher on the chest wall. Liposuction techniques may be used to remove unwanted fatty deposits and create a more desirable breast shape particularly on the side fat pad or axillary fat pad when correcting downward-pointing nipples, Dr. Landsman will keep the nipple and areola attached to the underlying tissue in order to preserve nipple sensation and breastfeeding capability.


You may need to take 7-10 days off from work to prioritize rest and relaxation as you recover. During this time, stay hydrated and sleep as much as possible. Be sure to sleep on your back so that you do not put unnecessary pressure on your breasts.

Use pain medication to relieve any lingering discomfort from your procedure. At all times (except when showering,) wear the custom surgical bra that Dr. Landsman has provided. It does not have an underwire, but it does hold your breasts in the desired position and shape. Postpone strenuous exercise that may move the breasts for a couple months so that the incisions have time to fully heal.

In most cases, the bruising and swelling should resolve within two months. The appearance of your breasts should gradually improve over the first few months, with final results visible by the six-month point. Although breast lift can reverse the aging process, it does not stop aging altogether. You can expect your results for 10 to 15 years, at which point you may need to repeat the surgery to maintain the elevated positioning of your breasts.


The total price for breast lift surgery depends on a variety of factors including the amount of skin needing to be excised, whether the areolas need adjustment and the decision to combine lift with breast augmentation. Dr. Landsman can provide a complete quote after learning your personal goals for the surgery during a consultation.

Because it is an elective procedure, breast lift is not covered by most medical insurance plans. However, Dr. Landsman’s office accepts financing through multiple medical lenders, which allows you to make payments toward the total cost of surgery rather than having to pay in full.

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Breast Lift Smithtown Long Island

If I have breast lift, what happens to my nipples?

When your breast tissue sags, your areolas tend to rest lower on the breast, with the nipples pointing downward. For most women, Dr. Landsman moves the areolas higher on the breasts so that they sit and project outward for a youthful, perky appearance. If you would like, he can also adjust the size of the areolas so that they are more proportional to the breasts. Please share your preferences for your nipples during your consultation with Dr. Landsman. 

Is there scarring after breast lift?

While scarring should be expected with almost any plastic surgery, Dr. Landsman is skilled at minimizing the visibility of these scars. He makes the necessary incisions along the body’s natural creases so that they remain concealed more easily. These scars fade with time, but not completely. Fortunately, most patients agree that some mild scarring is worth the aesthetic improvements made with breast lift surgery.

Can I still breastfeed after having breast lift?

Breast lift does decrease milk production in a small percentage of patients, though most women have no trouble breastfeeding after this surgery. At the same time, Dr. Landsman does advise his patients to wait to have breast lift until after they are done having children. Breasts are especially prone to sagging following a pregnancy, so having a child often reverses the positive changes that were achieved with breast lift.

Schedule a Complimentary Breast Lift Consultation with Dr. Landsman

If you desire more youthful and beautiful breasts, Dr. Landsman invites you to schedule a breast lift consultation at his Smithtown practice. Upon evaluating your breasts, cosmetic needs and goals, Dr. Landsman will design a treatment plan tailored to achieve your desired outcome. To contact his main office, please call today.