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Payd, a new marketplace for affordable patient financing.

Payd is a simple and easy way for patients to connect directly with lenders in “real-time” to find the best financing options for their procedure. Once a patient successfully secures financing, Payd then completes the purchase by transferring the funds from the customer to the business.

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  • Loans from $1,000–100,000
  • Terms between 24–84 months
  • APR from 4.99–35.99%

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Compassionate Finance

Do not put off treatment because of the expense. Our practice provides Compassionate Finance for easy, flexible financing that allows you to make affordable monthly payments on major healthcare procedures that previously may have seemed too cost prohibitive.

Whether you need a procedure not covered by insurance or an aesthetic procedure you’ve always wanted—we can help you feel and look your best! Any major medical is covered. We provide you with the financing you need, so you can accept treatment now and pay for the procedure over time.

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