Basics of BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift)

The unique elegance of Brazilian women has often been associated with a full, contoured shape for the derrière. From Ipanema and Copacabana, the look has captured the imagination of women (and their admirers) around the world.

It’s a style, a shape and an attitude; and for those who were not born into Brazilian beauty, it’s a profile that is within reach, thanks to the skill of premier plastic surgeons such as Dr. Lloyd D. Landsman.

Style and Flair

Brazilian butt lift, commonly known as BBL, is a surgical sculpting that lifts, reshapes and redefines the curves and volume of the posterior. Liposuction transforms the lower body profile through a simple process of transfer: Fat cells from areas of abundance, such as thighs and hips, are transplanted to the tissue of the buttocks. It’s not a wholesale transfer; rather, a surgeon must use the harvested fat sparingly, with extraordinary precision and artistry, to create the desired shape.

Natural Benefits

The targeted aspect of BBL is its main benefit. If you were to try to enhance the buttocks by increasing your intake of calories, you might succeed in enlarging the area; but your overall weight would also soar, and the resulting shape would not be the refined, proportionate look that you desire.

Because it is well-targeted, it is also a better option than implants. BBL allows subtle change that is achieved with your own natural fat cells. Not surprisingly, this surgical modification feels more natural too. Implants are more invasive and tend to be associated with a greater risk of complications. Only in the case of very slim women who may not have sufficient amounts of excess fat to harvest for the procedure are implants potentially the better choice.

The Procedure

BBL is typically performed as an outpatient procedure under IV sedation or general anesthetic. There are three phases to the surgery: The liposuction procedure to harvest fat from elsewhere in the body, the purification process that transforms these cells into highly-filtered and purified microfat, and the sculpting phase in which the surgeon injects the cells into very specific areas to achieve the desired shape and volume.

Because these cells are from your own body, they accommodate easily to the new location and become an integral part of the buttocks. After about six months, when healing has ended, these cells will be completely at home, and your new Brazilian contours will be ready to be fully admired in the mirror.

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