What You Need to Know About Breast Lift Recovery

As plastic surgery trends begin to shift toward more natural-looking enhancements, many individuals are swapping out previously popular procedures for those with more subtle results. For example, instead of traditional breast augmentation, many women are turning to breast lifts to enhance the appearance of their breasts. According to one study published by Statista, an online platform specialized in data gathering and visualization, over 780,000 women worldwide received a mastopexy, also... Read More

Will My Breasts Look Different After Removing My Implants?

Women opt for breast implant removal for many reasons — all of them personal. Since implants do not last forever, this decision often coincides with the time of implant replacement. Perhaps you are thinking about breast implant removal but worry about what your natural breasts will look like afterward. They are unlikely to look the way they did prior to augmentation. If you have larger implants and relatively little natural... Read More

When Is the Best Time for Breast Lift?

It’s easy for a woman to take her breasts for granted in her youth. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Lloyd Landsman meets with many women who never gave much thought to cosmetic surgery until their breasts experienced significant sagging as they aged. To educate women interested in improving the appearance of their breasts, Dr. Landsman shares some of the points in life when it makes the most sense to pursue breast... Read More