Facial Cosmetic Surgery: Is It Better to Go Big or Keep It Subtle?

Facial Cosmetic Surgery Long Island, NY

The number of patients seeking cosmetic procedures is up significantly in the past year, with facial procedures being among the most popular. Because the face is the first part of the body that most people look at, as well as one of the first parts of the body to show signs of aging, it makes sense that Americans are focusing their attention there.

Long Island’s best plastic surgeon, Dr. Lloyd Landsman, discusses whether patients should look for a subtle upgrade or a serious transformation when considering a facial procedure.  

Subtle Is Preferable for Most Patients

Although some people’s first impulse is to make significant changes to “get their money’s worth” from a procedure, subtle changes on the face can go a long way. The goal is to reveal an enhanced version of yourself that your friends still recognize. Plastic surgery is a good way to look more like you did five to 10 years prior rather than a different person entirely.  

This approach also allows people to avoid appearing like they have had plastic surgery. Frequently, Dr. Landman’s patients are nervous that their friends will critique the results of their new blepharoplasty, facelift, Botox, etc. Instead, they receive compliments for looking better rested or taking good care of their skin.

Want a Dramatic Change? Then Communicate That

Although they are in the minority, some patients really do want to have a more serious transformation. Because most surgeons default to natural, subtle results, it is best to express these desires during a plastic surgery consultation to see if the surgeon agrees that it is both appropriate and safe.

Setting realistic expectations is important before any plastic surgery. Dr. Landsman often shows his portfolio of before and after photographs to prospective patients so that they know which types of improvements are feasible.

Focus on Natural Results

Whether their changes are modest or significant, patients tend to be most satisfied when their results look natural. A face that looks too pulled or frozen is viewed as artificial rather than attractive. Achieving natural-looking results on the face usually requires advanced techniques to reposition the tissue and smooth out the skin. In the hands of a less skilled surgeon, a plastic surgery patient’s face can look permanently “windswept.” Dr. Landsman prides himself on producing results that look realistic and appealing above all else.

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