Will My Breasts Look Different After Removing My Implants?

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Women opt for breast implant removal for many reasons — all of them personal. Since implants do not last forever, this decision often coincides with the time of implant replacement.

Perhaps you are thinking about breast implant removal but worry about what your natural breasts will look like afterward. They are unlikely to look the way they did prior to augmentation. If you have larger implants and relatively little natural breast tissue, you may be most affected aesthetically. Here, Dr. Lloyd Landsman discusses how your breasts might look different after implant removal and how breast lift surgery can improve their appearance.

Less Volume

Obviously, after implant removal, the breasts have less volume. They may appear deflated and saggy. Large implants can stretch the skin, making the breasts sit lower on the chest or droop after the implants have been removed.

Breast lift, formally known as mastopexy, reshapes the breast tissue and tightens the skin. During the surgery, the breasts can be raised higher on the chest, eliminating sagging.


In some cases, the breasts may appear misshapen after implant removal. If your breasts are not symmetrical, that is corrected during breast lift.

Areolas and Nipples

Implant removal may result in the areolas and nipples pointing downward. Breast lift surgery allows the surgeon to reposition the areolas and nipples, so they are more elevated and face forward.

Loose Skin

Loose, wrinkled skin on the breasts can occur after implant removal. That is especially true if the implants were very large, and you are naturally petite. Over time, the skin stretches to accommodate the implants.

Breast lift surgery removes excess skin while tightening the natural breast tissue. This tightening reinforces the shape of the natural breasts. Breasts look perkier and more youthful. The overall shape improves.

Near-Immediate Results 

Since implant removal and breast lift are often part of the same procedure, patients enjoy near-immediate results. After the post-operative swelling has mostly subsided, you will notice your breasts look perky, which is a sign of youth. Many patients report that clothes fit better after breast lift.

However, if you prefer to undergo breast lift at a later date — after you have had time to evaluate the look of your natural breasts post-implant removal — that is fine.

Breast lift results last for many years. Much depends on the patient. Significant weight fluctuation, future pregnancies or breastfeeding will likely change the results.

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