Can I Lose Weight Without Changing My Breast Size?

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Many women who commit to a weight-loss journey share a common concern: will their breasts get smaller? This apprehension is understandable since women who diet and exercise are generally hoping to lose fat from their abdomen, thighs, and chin before their breasts.

Alas, fat is fat, which includes breast fat. Most women who see success on the scale will notice that their cup size decreases simultaneously. Dr. Lloyd Landsman, an award-winning plastic surgeon in Long Island, discusses some of the cosmetic concerns women have while losing weight.

Understanding Breast Fat

Breasts are primarily composed of two things: adipose tissue (body fat) and glandular breast tissue. The ratio of these two components can differ significantly from one woman to the next — due mainly to genetics. The less fat there is, the denser the breast is.

Fat cells in the breasts behave like fat cells in other areas of the body. When you consume fewer calories, your body burns its fat reserves, which results in weight loss. Exercise also burns fat supplies. Gradually, the breasts become less voluminous because of this fat loss.

In theory, weight loss should happen evenly across your body, but you may be genetically predisposed to cling to weight in certain areas. That said, women are more likely to store excess fat in their abdomen, thighs, and buttocks than in their breasts.


For some women, the change in breast size is not as problematic as they may have anticipated. It is important to remember that while the breasts do get smaller, so should other areas of your body. With a smaller frame overall, your breasts may remain proportional and flatter your new body. So, women should not hesitate to fulfill their fitness goals out of concern over how their breasts will look.

Cosmetic Surgery Options

If your breasts do not look the way you wish they did after losing weight, the good news is that you have options. Increasing the size of your breasts is accomplished easily with breast augmentation. You can choose implants that create a specific shape that best reflects your trimmer body shape without losing a feminine appeal.

Beyond size, you may also discover that your breasts no longer sit as high on your chest after losing weight. Past a certain age, it is not unusual for breast skin that has previously stretched to no longer fit snugly around your smaller chest. This makes the breasts look droopier than they used to. Fortunately, this cosmetic issue can be corrected with breast lift.

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Weight loss should have you feeling more confident about your body, not less so. If your breasts do not look the way you hoped they would, Dr. Landsman is happy to help you boost your confidence with a cosmetic breast procedure. To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling (631) 864-4111 today.