Factors to Consider Ahead of Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift Smithtown

Do you wish you had a larger, shapelier butt? While round buttocks are highly desirable, not everyone has the genetics to fill out their shorts. That’s where Brazilian butt lift (BBL) can help. At his practice in Long Island, plastic surgeon Dr. Lloyd Landsman meets with many patients who are interested in enhancing the curves of their backsides. Here are the factors he encourages prospective patients to take into account when considering this surgery.

You Must Have Excess Fat

Brazilian butt lift is a fat grafting surgery that moves your own fat from an area where it is plentiful (often your abdomen/waist) and reimplants it into your upper buttocks to create an appealing shape. The catch is that you have to have extra fat to donate for this surgery to be successful. If your BMI is very low, you may not have enough fat to achieve your preferred results. For most people, however, this process is a welcome opportunity to get rid of stubborn fat from a problem area to improve the contours of the body in two areas at once.

Butt Implants Aren’t as Popular as They Once Were

Prior to Brazilian butt lift’s popularity, butt augmentation procedures were primarily performed with silicone implants. While implants are still sometimes used for patients with minimal body fat, most plastic surgeons recommend BBL because the recovery is easier and using fat tends to produce results that look better and more natural.

Expect A Few Logistical Issues During Your Recovery

After BBL, you must keep pressure off your buttocks for at least a few weeks. This not only helps to limit discomfort, but also promotes better healing and nicer contours. Staying off your butt is easier said than done because this usually means adjusting your sitting and sleeping habits. At night, you must sleep on your stomach, which can take some getting used to if you do not do this already. When it comes to sitting, your best option is to buy a BBL pillow, which provides a seat where you can rest on your thighs instead of your buttocks. All of this is manageable, especially with the end goal in mind, but it is important that you know what to expect.  

Results Can Last Forever

One of the best perks about Brazilian butt lift is that the results are indefinite. Because your body recognizes its own fat cells, it rejects only a small percentage of them, while the rest thrive and become a normal part of your buttocks. The one caveat is that because these fat cells behave like normal fat cells, if you are to lose a significant amount of weight, you can expect to see your buttocks shrink in size. For that reason, Dr. Landsman encourages you to be close to your goal weight when you have surgery.  

Achieve Amazing Results with Dr. Landsman

As a premier, board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Landsman is an expert at body contouring procedures like BBL. To schedule a consultation and determine if you are a good candidate for this surgery, please call (631) 864-4111.