More Women Choosing Breast Reduction — Here’s Why

Many women who come to Dr. Lloyd D. Landsman for a breast reduction start off their consultation by saying, “I wouldn’t ordinarily consider plastic surgery, but…”  While there are many valid reasons to pursue plastic surgery, it is true that appearance is often low on the list of motivations shared by breast reduction patients. Just as often, patients are looking to relieve ongoing pain, discomfort and sinsecurities. Here, Dr. Landsman shares some of the most common reasons women choose breast reduction:

Ending Chronic Pain

First and foremost, women with disproportionately large breasts commonly suffer from chronic pain. They can suffer from pain in the shoulders and back, and have neck muscle spasms to boot. Some women even develop a curvature in their spine compensating for the amount of weight they carry around on their chest. By reducing the breasts to a more normal size, patients discover that a lot of their pain — and the daily need for ibuprofen — dissipates.

Preventing Skin Irritation and Rash

Skin is more likely to become irritated along skin creases due to the warmth, dampness and frequent friction. Because large breasts mean large skin folds, that means there is an increased likelihood of developing a rash. Many women with extremely large breasts find themselves constantly dealing with skin irritation on the underside of their breasts; breast reduction is an opportunity to reclaim healthier skin and slow down the rate at which this problem occurs.  

A Desire to Exercise Normally

Enormous breasts can get in the way of doing many physical activities, including some of the most enjoyable forms of exercise. It can be hard to motivate oneself to get out there and jog with the knowledge that your breasts will be sore afterwards — a sports bra can only do so much for breasts of a certain size. Following breast reduction, women find they can better participate in more forms of exercise, and often finally start to lose weight as a result.

Boosting Self-Esteem

While breasts of all sizes attract attention, women with the largest breasts find that it is the first thing many people notice about them. Women are multifaceted, though they may not feel like they have more to offer to the world if their breasts are constantly being discussed and stared at. By decreasing the size of their breasts, many women find they experience less unwanted and attention and that their self-esteem increases thereafter.

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