Questions to Ask Your Plastic Surgeon about Re-operative Breast Augmentation

Revisional breast augmentation surgery is any surgery to improve or update a previously performed breast augmentation. Common reasons for such surgery are:

  1. Capsular contracture
  2. Post-operative asymmetry
  3. Implants are too big or not big enough
  4. Saline-filled implant leak/deflation
  5. Saline to silicone gel conversion
  6. Bottomed-out implant (implant too low)
  7. Lateral displacement (implants falling off to the sides)
  8. Need for mastopexy (breast lift)
  9. Residual tubular breast deformity
  10. Need to update or renew look following pregnancy, weight gain or weight loss

The first step toward fixing your breasts is to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon such as Dr. Lloyd Landsman. During the consultation, your surgeon will ask you what you dislike about your current breasts and how you want them to look after surgery. He will determine what the problem is and utilize all of the tools necessary for a great outcome.

In turn, you should be prepared to ask your surgeon some key questions. Your surgeon’s answers should give you the information you need to make educated decisions about your care.

Here are some of the most important questions to ask your surgeon:

Am I an appropriate candidate for re-operative breast augmentation?

Based on your aesthetic goals, your health and certain lifestyle factors, does your surgeon consider you a suitable candidate for re-operative breast augmentation? Are your expectations of surgery realistic?

What do you recommend to help me achieve my aesthetic goals?

What size and type of implant does your surgeon recommend, in order to achieve your goals? Will the implants be placed in front of or behind your chest muscle? Does he or she recommend lifting your breasts? Does your surgeon need to remove any scar tissue? Will there be a need to use a tissue insert in order to restructure the pocket?

Could I remove my implants without replacing them?

You might be interested in having the surgeon remove your implants and restore your breasts’ natural shape. Ask your surgeon what you could expect to look like, if you decide to explore that option.

What type of scarring can I expect?

You are probably interested in the degree of scarring to expect from surgery. Ask your surgeon if he or she plans to place the incisions for revision surgery in the same area as your previous surgery.

What will the recovery from breast revision be like?

Inquire as to what you can expect after breast revision surgery. What is the general timeframe for returning to work, exercise and socializing? How can you best prepare for the recovery process?

What sort of risks do I face with breast revision surgery?

In order to be as informed as possible, you should ask your surgeon about the risks associated with breast revision. He or she can explain how complications are normally handled, and what can be done to minimize the chance that something goes awry during or after surgery.

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