Reasons Women Choose Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty Long Island, NY

During labiaplasty, Dr. Lloyd Landsman carefully modifies the labia, or folds of skin around the vagina, removing excess fat and skin. The goal is to create a vagina that looks tighter, more youthful and more attractive.

In the past decade, the number of labiaplasty surgeries performed has increased dramatically worldwide; it is now one of the fastest-growing cosmetic procedures. Among the reasons women choose to undergo this surgery are:

To Wear Tight Clothing

When women with large labia wear tight clothing like a bathing suit, leggings or yoga pants, it can create a prominent bulge. While some women may choose to cover up their crotch with looser attire, others just wish they could wear the standard female attire to the beach or gym. Labiaplasty allows these women to expand their wardrobes with tighter-fitting clothes and without putting their genitals on display.

To Have Better Sex

Having enlarged labia can literally get in the way of having sex. Sometimes the friction against this excess tissue can be uncomfortable or outright painful. By removing some labial tissue, the surgery provides easier access to the clitoris, with some women noticing that this translates to more and better orgasms.  

It is also important not to understate the mental aspect of sex. If the appearance of a woman’s labia makes her self-conscious or not as sexy, she is likely to have more difficulty getting into the act. For some, having this surgery can make them feel more relaxed and interested in having sex.

To Make Urination Easier

Some physicians suggest labiaplasty when a patient has a difficult time urinating. In extreme cases, enlarged labia can impede the urine stream. Other women find that they are more susceptible to urinary tract infections because the enlarged labia trap more-than-average quantities of urine, sweat and discharge. For that reason, reducing the size of the labia can help cut down on UTIs.

To Improve Cosmetic Appearance

Many plastic surgery procedures are done entirely for cosmetic purposes. Many women miss the tighter appearance of their vagina that they enjoyed in their younger years and would like to restore that look. Women do not need to justify or apologize for wishing to safely make changes aesthetic changes to their labia.

Although the term “designer vagina” does not accurately reflect the various reasons women seek this procedure, those who are primarily concerned with the visual changes are usually thrilled with the outcome. 

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Whatever your reasons may be for considering labiaplasty, it is critical to choose a top, board-certified plastic surgeon who consistently produces outstanding results for his patients. To meet with Dr. Landsman, please book a virtual or in-person consultation online.