Repurposing Unwanted Fat for Facial Rejuvenation

Almost everyone has a “problem area” of unwanted body fat that causes embarrassment or insecurity. What if a doctor told you that fat could be repurposed to rejuvenate or enhance a facial feature? This process is known as fat grafting or fat transfer, and it is available locally with Long Island plastic surgeon Lloyd Landsman. In recent years, fat grafting has become an extremely popular treatment as it produces natural-looking results.

How Fat Transfer Works

Dr. Landsman must first decide with the patient how they want to use the fat. He can use the fat to smooth wrinkles, fine lines or creases, to fill in scars or other facial depressions or to add volume to areas of the face that appear hollow or sunken-in (i.e., the cheeks).

Dr. Landsman also must identify the area of the body from which he will harvest the unwanted fat. This is usually the abdomen, back or hips. If the patient does not have enough surplus body fat, he may recommend they gain a little weight ahead of time, or he can recommend another treatment option such as dermal fillers or facial implants.

The fat transfer procedure itself generally involves several steps. First, Dr. Landsman uses liposuction techniques to remove the unwanted fat from the body. Then, the fat is purified and prepared for re-injection. Finally, Dr. Landsman injects small amounts of fat into the desired area of the face. The amount of fat and the location and depth of the injections varies, depending on the patient’s particular goals.

After the procedure, there may be mild swelling or bruising in the treated area lasting for one to two weeks. However, the recovery is usually easier than that of other surgical procedures.

Benefits of Fat Transfer

  • Not only does the face look younger, but the donor area also looks thinner.
  • The rejuvenated facial areas look naturally fuller and smoother without looking as if they were surgically treated.
  • As long as the fat develops its own blood supply, the results can last a very long time.
  • Treatment is generally well-tolerated by patients.

Learn More about Facial Fat Grafting

For more information about facial fat grafting, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Landsman. Call or email our practice today to make your appointment.

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